Seeing Double? | Social Media Help Desk Episode 74

You’re not seeing double; you’re just seeing duplicate content. This week, I’m joining the Social Media Help Desk alongside host Director of Operations Stephen Wagner and Content Editor Ivana Hermida.  We are discussing the week’s industry news, managing your online … Read More

Why Your Brand’s Online Reputation Matters

Before the days of scrolling through Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews, and the numerous Instagram comments, businesses relied on word-of-mouth and surveys to understand customer satisfaction. In our current digital world, companies are exposed to a variety of ways they … Read More

How to Network on Social Media

Traditionally, when you think of networking, you think of a professional environment and attendees personally exchanging business cards and information. Men and women in their business professional attire and pitching their well-crafted elevator speeches. Those still exist, but now you … Read More

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