Instagram Story Stickers To Use For Your Business
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Today, consumers have a world of resources at their fingertips to help them buy products and services online. As more brands establish a strong social media presence on Instagram, it’s not enough to only post on the feed anymore.   … Read More

Lights Camera Action: Video Studio Day

Video is becoming the number one asset in digital marketing regardless if it’s shot horizontal or vertical, and we want your business to reap the benefits. Aside from client management, KWSM is always looking for ways to help small businesses … Read More

How To Build Your Email List Through Social Media

As a business and a consumer alike, everyone knows how easy it is to hit the unsubscribe button. There’s a fine line between keeping your audience engaged and becoming “noise” in their inbox. This creates a challenge when collecting emails … Read More

Summer Reading: The Best Marketing Books for Business Owners

Are you an entrepreneur eager to learn how effective marketing can transform your business? A tried and true way of learning more on a topic is turning to good old-fashioned books. And as the summer months usher in longer days … Read More

A Social Summer

Planning your island getaway this summer? Pack your bags; just don’t set your social media on vacation mode this summer. While the next few months are filled with events, soirees, and trips, it’s the perfect time to launch a summer … Read More

If You Build It, They Will Come: Instagram

If you are trying to build the Instagram of your dreams, it starts with being authentic. It’s more than just the credibility that will come along with your consumers, but it will even affect the algorithms set in place on … Read More

How to Get More Views on Your Blog

One of the best tools to give insight into your business these days is to have a blog. Writing a weekly blog is good for a number of reasons. A blog gives your business credibility, gives your business a voice, … Read More

How to Run Social Media for Real Estate

At KWSM, we work with a variety of businesses in different industries. Clients like our ability to quickly learn their industry and covey the messaging properly. One of the areas where we represent clients is the real estate industry. We … Read More

Broken Buzzwords: When cool terms turn cold

We’ve all been there; we’re sitting, reading through the industry’s most prominent news aggregator site catching up on the day’s marketing-musts or watching an influencer’s latest viral video, interested enough to click on the content in the first place. But … Read More

Declutter Your Feed: How to Hide Old and Off-Brand Instagram Posts

Have you ever scrolled through your business’ Instagram feed and just felt it was time for a refresh? Perhaps the company has rebranded since the Instagram account was created and specific photos don’t reflect the new brand image. Or, you want … Read More

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