Video and photo content is becoming more important on every online platform, including social media and websites. As attention spans shrink, our culture is getting more and more dependent on video and photography to communicate important messages.

We use digital advertising as a powerful targeting tool to reach more of the people who may be interested in your product or service.

Our in-house photo and video team will guide you through art direction, topic choice, and storyboarding or scripting to ensure your shoot goes smoothly and produces content you can be proud of.

Are you ready to capitalize on the popularity of visual content, give your brand a human face, and generate the results you’ve been looking for? We’re waiting to hear from you.

Our Work

Camino Federal Credit Union wanted to engage their members and build an audience on social media by creating a video series with tips on managing personal finances. We set up recurring monthly video shoots and shot several video tips each month, which were then released weekly on social media. This video content has helped establish Camino as a personal finance resource, with more than 100 videos completed and tens of thousands of views across social media.

Coziano, a new mattress company, needed to build an audience online and explain their product in a fun way that appealed to their millennial target audience. We created a home page video for their website and a series of humorous sleep tip videos to be shared on social media and turned into ads for the product. These videos helped establish the Coziano brand personality and set the tone for their messaging online.

EPURI, a new energy drink entering the U.S. Market, needed photography to create the public image of their brand. We conceptualized and executed a photo shoot capturing both lifestyle and product imagery to be used on their website, social media channels, and in advertising campaigns. The photography helped to establish the brand’s personality and its positioning as an energized mixer for patrons in bars and clubs.

Gaslowitz Frankel, LLC, a fiduciary litigation law firm, realized they were in a niche area of law that few firms specialized in. They wanted to showcase their attorneys and demonstrate their expertise in the field. We created short videos about each attorney, as well as videos explaining each practice area. The video series has now become a staple of their marketing efforts – showcased on the website and in their newsletter, as well as on social media. They also chose to use original images of their attorneys in their website banners, instead of generic stock images. This content allows website visitors to make a more personal connection, and to better understand this complex field of law.


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