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Your Employer Brand

is how you differentiate yourself from other workplaces

Recruiting and retaining the best staff is more difficult than ever, and strong candidates have their pick of organizations to work for. Employer Branding is how you demonstrate that your business is the place they want to be.

See how we highlight what makes your company special.

Our Employer Branding Process

Leverage your team’s stories to engage and retain qualified candidates

We’ll develop a strategy that includes everything you need for a professional, authentic, and successful employer brand by leveraging the stories and experiences of your current team. We’ll also put a system in place to help you attract, engage, and retain qualified candidates.

Share your success stories and create new ones.
Employer Branding

Case Study:


A global semiconductor manufacturer was struggling with talent acquisition in the U.S. KWSM combined organic content and paid ads for an employer branding campaign to attract more candidates.

The Results:

+ 2200 %
applications submitted monthly
271 %
average monthly views of U.S. Careers page
3 X
paid ads performance compared to industry benchmark
11 million
overall impressions of
organic content & paid ads
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Employer Branding


Your employer brand is what your organization offers — beyond salary — for an employee’s loyalty and the value they bring to your company. This includes non-economic benefits like schedule flexibility, company culture, and the work environment you cultivate.

Elements of your employer brand can also include your company mission, benefits, values, and communication protocols. In a nutshell, your employer brand is an outward reflection of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and has existed in some form since you hired your first employee.

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At their best, Employer Branding campaigns are an honest representation of your company culture and the personalities of your employees. If you aren’t sure what those differentiators are for your business, a company-wide survey or conversations with key players can help you identify and leverage your strengths as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Creating and highlighting a dynamic and successful culture as an employer is fundamental to bringing in and retaining top talent today. Some businesses have reported that employer branding increased their qualified candidate count by as much as 50%.

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Absolutely! Current employees’ success stories are a crucial component of the collateral you’ll need to collect as part of your employer branding strategy. Sharing the stories of team members who have advanced their careers, earned client praise, or reached internal milestones boosts the credibility of your employer branding story tremendously.

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There are many trackable metrics that employer branding campaigns can have a positive impact on, including job application submissions, cost per hire, offer acceptance rate, employee retention rate, and more.

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Employer Branding


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