Telling your story is powerful.

KWSM was founded to help businesses communicate effectively with their target audience, deepening the relationship, and driving results.

We began as a consultancy after our founder, Katie Wagner, retired from her TV news career. Katie knew that the rise of digital tools was changing the way people communicated, and that business owners would need to learn a new language to keep their customers engaged.

Over the years, as digital marketing has evolved, we’ve assembled a team of professionals in every aspect of effective online storytelling. Our agency has grown to four offices, serving hundreds of clients across the country.

We help companies build trust & credibility, engage their target audience, and generate leads or sales. As the world goes digital, companies have the opportunity to communicate with and understand their customers on a deeper level. And, in return, customers want to learn about the organizations they do business with.

KWSM exists to help great companies make genuine connections with their customers. We believe good business starts with strong relationships, and the best way to build them is by sharing your story.

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency