Thought Leadership

KWSM President Katie Wagner is a contributor for a variety of publication such as Forbes, Inc, and All Business.

Top Agency Experts: Investing in Culture and Values for Successful Business Growth

According to Katie, the key to securing your clients’ trust is to remain objective. It’s crucial to distinguish between your business and your clients’ needs and not let feelings get in the way of services. Remaining impartial to each goal and solely focusing on how you can best serve clients will increase your agency’s value.

Seven Useful Tips For Starting Your Business’s End-Of-Year Review

End-of-year reviews are essential tools to help leaders gauge their business's effectiveness and efficiency over the previous year. However, not all businesses implement a review, and some that do only look at the cursory metrics that would give them just a basic understanding of the company's strengths and weaknesses.

Seven Leaders Share The Single Best Thing They Ever Did For Their Business

Few things make an entrepreneur feel happier than accomplishing a significant goal. Many business owners approach their companies with concrete goals in mind for where they want to be in a few years. However, when you're a new entrepreneur, it can be a challenge to plot your own course.

10 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Growing Team About Their Performance

Keeping up with your employees on an individual level makes for good leadership. As you hire more and more people to your team, it can be difficult to maintain that one-on-one time with each employee.

10 Genius Questions That Will Help Your Staff Generate Ideas And Solutions

Innovation is the key to a successful and progressive business, and your staff should constantly be looking for ways to grow your brand. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to help keep your workers engaged and motivated to create the next best thing for the company.

Growing Up: Lessons In Leadership To Apply Today

When I started my company, I had never been a CEO before. As the agency grew, I needed to develop leadership skills and learn to guide my team to achieve success for our clients and personal satisfaction in their roles.

Want A More Productive, Focused Team? Encourage These 10 Habits

A strong daily routine can make all the difference in a team's productivity. Things like creating a to-do list at the start of each day and blocking off time for "deep thinking" work often help people get organized and feel more focused throughout the workday.

Eight Effective Methods For Tracking Employee Work

With the number of tasks an employee has to accomplish daily, many managers believe that it's impossible to monitor staff workloads accurately. The problem becomes even more pronounced in organizations where it's also difficult to track the movement of jobs between departments.

14 Particularly Beneficial Company Perks

If properly planned and implemented, company perks are among the best parts of a job. In addition to offering significant morale boosts, they usually give great incentives to encourage creativity and retention.

15 Smart Ways to Test New Hires Before You Commit

Hiring a new employee is a huge commitment, especially if you’re a small to mid-sized business with a tight budget. Before you invest time, energy, and resources into a new team member, you’ll want to make absolutely certain they are truly a good fit.

How To Go From Chief 'Doer' To CEO

When most of us start a company, it’s because we have a big idea or core competency and want to build a business around it. At first, as the founder, you wear all the hats. From sales to operations to execution of the actual work, all the jobs fall on your shoulders.

Finding The Right Teammates: Eight Nonnegotiable Traits To Look For

In any work environment, new teammates or employees need to be picked with careful consideration as a wrong hire risks threatening office balance or even worse, affecting the entire team’s morale and productivity. After all, the temperament and emotional intelligence of each team member can be crucial to how efficient and effective the business is as a whole.

8 Tips for Praising Employees (Without Making Others Jealous)

A great team leader knows it's important to recognize those employees who have done an outstanding job. However, no matter how much a team member deserves the praise, it's also important to be aware of how other employees might feel about their fellow co-worker's public accolades.

Video content for social media – see what the experts say about it!

Social media is already the main marketing focus of most companies and they spend huge budgets on it. Regardless if you’re a small business or one of the giants of industry social media marketing should be your main priority. As such, it’s always a good idea to know what the trend is and use the newest techniques so you make the most out of it.

95 Experts Identify The Common Threads To A Successful Online Business

95 Experts Reveal Their 3 “Must-Do’s” for Solopreneur Success

Rising to the Next Level: 21 Business Leaders Share Proven Strategies & Tactics

For many business owners, their company is more than an income source-it is akin to their child. What do you do when your child is sick? What does it feel like when you don't know what is wrong with them? When your "baby" (business") is under the weather or simply having growing pains, Rising to the Next Level gives you clear and actionable answers to make your life better.

Press & Recognition

KWSM is frequently recognized as a leader in our industry.

KWSM Recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta

We are honored to announce that KWSM: a digital marketing agency has recently been named one of the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Atlanta, Georgia.

KWSM Awarded Best Digital Marketing Storytellers of 2020

This award is a part of the annual Media Innovator Awards hosted by Corporate Vision for the Southern US.

KWSM Voted One of the Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Las Vegas

Evaluated by local marketing experts, KWSM, alongside hundreds of other agencies, was judged on reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism.

San Diego’s Modi Marketing merges with KWSM

San Diego-based Modi Marketing has merged with KWSM, a digital marketing agency with offices in Orange County, Atlanta and Las Vegas. The two companies will move forward under the KWSM brand.