Online Advertising

Digital advertising has become increasingly valuable for reaching the widest audience online.

As the social media and search algorithms gain complexity, fewer of your followers are organically seeing your carefully crafted messages.

We use digital advertising as a powerful targeting tool to reach more of the people who may be interested in your product or service.

Regardless of your budget, digital advertising is a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional ad options.

At KWSM, we specialize in developing and managing advertising campaigns on:

  • Google/PPC
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Programmatic 


Are you ready to expand your reach and communicate with more potential customers? We’re waiting to hear from you.

Our Work

OYO Fitness was launching a new product into the marketplace. They needed effective social ad campaigns across multiple channels that would drive potential backers to their Kickstarter crowdfunding page. We created an advertising strategy to generate interest and sales, producing and managing ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Kickstarter project was fully funded within days, raising the money they needed to launch their product. The campaign became one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all-time, and the second highest backed fitness project on the crowdfunding platform.


F45 Training Aliso Viejo was opening a new fitness studio and needed to attract members. We designed and implemented a 3-month pre-launch advertising campaign targeting Aliso Viejo residents who fit the desired demographics. We created a website landing page to collect sign-ups for a free 14-day trial membership, and drove traffic to the page using Facebook and Instagram ads. On the day of the grand opening, more than 150 people had registered! As our campaign continues, classes are filling up, with new members joining every day.

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area wanted to increase their number of annual visitors. While creating a digital marketing strategy, we realized that they qualified for the Google Grants program, which awards $10K in monthly ad spend to non-profits. We set up an account and began running Google ads (PPC). With consistent keyword optimization and monitoring, ad spend increased over time and we were able to get enough clicks to max out their Google Grants budget and drive an increasing number of visitors to their website – and to the Heritage Area – each month.


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