Five Types of Email Automation

Dec 2021

Five Types of Email AutomationEmail automation is a great way to reach your audience at specific points of the buyer’s journey. This can be done in many ways, but we will focus on five: welcome email, campaign based, e-commerce based, date based, and reminder based.

Many companies can get people to sign up for their emails, but what you do from there is what separates future clients from the leads. One of the best ways to turn a lead into a customer is email automation. Let’s talk about some of the different ways to automate emails to meet your goals.  

Welcome Emails

When someone signs up for your newsletter, you don’t want them to wait until the next newsletter goes out to hear from you. This is an easy fix: set up a welcome email that is sent automatically when they subscribe. In this email, give them a very personable welcome, tell them about your company, offer a special deal, and give them an action to take. 


This is probably the most well-known type of email automation. Often a campaign based email drip starts when a visitor fills out the form on your landing page. Make sure to have different emails in the drip to accomplish the different steps of nurturing that lead towards the overall goal of that campaign. 

E-commerce Based

If you are an eCommerce-based organization, then you likely deal with abandoned carts. You get a potential customer all the way to the cart, but then they get cold feet and walk away. You can send them a personalized and automated email to them to remind them that they left items in their cart. This is a great way to regain their interest and get them to finish their purchase. 


If your brand has events that happen on the same date each year –  the company’s anniversary, product sales, end-of-month or end-of-year events – you can save time by setting up related emails to go out automatically at the appropriate times. If you’ve collected the right data, you can even send automated individualized emails – for example, sending your customers a birthday wish with a deal. 


We all get busy and forget things that aren’t top of mind. So sending reminders at the right time can be an asset for your clients. Say your organization offers online certifications that have an expiration date. After users have earned those certifications, you can send periodic refresher emails to keep that content top-of-mind. Then, as the certification is about to expire, send them information on how to recertify, potentially with a discount off the price. 

Adjusting For Your Needs

These tactics are a few of many ways to leverage email automation. When you create your email campaigns, it is important to be goal-oriented. So make sure to adjust these tactics to best fit your goals. 

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