Is Your Business Ready For Pinterest’s Visual Discover Lens?

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Just when we thought Pinterest couldn’t get more visual, it did. Pinterest’s new Visual Discovery Lens will allow you to point your phone’s camera at what you want to see more of and then leave you with a variety of images for more information and inspiration. Yes, this a great option for customers to have, but an even better opportunity for business to use to highlight their products on Pinterest.

How does it work?

Pinterest Lens will allow you to use your phone’s camera in the Pinterest app to focus in on anything, from a whole dining room table to a vegetable, and then shows you other pins inspired by your image. For example, if you use the Pinterest Lens to focus in on your friend’s new dining table with chairs, Pinterest will automatically search chairs, dining rooms, dining, dining tables, and interiors. In a matter of seconds, it will give you similar, thought-evoking pins of a set up similar to and inspired by your picture.

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When it comes to finding home décor inspiration, outfits to wear or food to eat, Lens works best. As more and more people use and test out Lens, the program will be able to recognize even more. Happy shopping!

Already have a Pin you love?

If you come across a beloved pin on your page, just tap the circle that appears on the pin. This will unlock related pins with Pinterest’s Instant Ideas. Press the circle on a polka dotted shower curtain to see similar bathroom ideas and accessories or on your favorite apple pie recipes for related recipes.

Source: Pinterest

What does this mean for your business?

If your business has an account on Pinterest, it’s important to have your boards stacked with images that will be pulled when someone uses Pinterest’s Lens or Visual Search. Make sure you not only have pictures of your products but also pictures of them in context as well. If you sell throw pillows, don’t just upload pictures of the pillow by itself, upload pictures of the pillow on different chairs or couches. It is key here to put your products in context for the consumer viewing your product. After all, they want to know how it will fit into their life and you want them clicking through to your website to learn more.

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