How To Make The Most Out Of KWSM Bootcamp

Feb 2017


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Congratulations! You’ve signed up for KWSM Bootcamp. In just four weeks, you’ll learn how to master how to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels. Even if you haven’t signed up to take all four courses, and chose to learn about a few specific social channels, you’re still way ahead of the curve and on your way to making your social media look stellar.

During your Bootcamp training, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the new skills and insights you’ve gained. Keep these three tips in mind as you go through the Bootcamp process to make the most of your training.


Come Prepared

Just like when you were studying in school, it’s important to come prepared to class. Bring a notepad to take notes on, your favorite pen, and, of course, your laptop and any other devices you’ll be using to manage your social media. Having your laptop is absolutely key to being able to follow along with the rest of the class since we’ll be taking you through each channel from setup to management and all the pages in between. Don’t worry about breakfast, though! At Bootcamp, KWSM happily provides a breakfast spread to ensure you’ll never have to learn on an empty stomach.


Stay Connected

Once Bootcamp is finished, you’ll have the green light to go ahead and join the Social Media Help Desk Facebook group. Anyone who’s taken a KWSM Bootcamp course is invited to join this private Facebook group so that they’ll always be able to have the support of the KWSM team as they move forward in their social media management. Whether you just took a Bootcamp course this afternoon or one two years ago, you’ll be able to ask a question and receive an answer from someone on the KWSM team. We’re here for you! So ask away.


Keep Learning

After learning the basics of social media management at Bootcamp, there’s a whole world of available information for you out on the world wide web! At KWSM, we’re constantly keeping up with social media trends and the latest changes in the industry through our blog. Feel free to read any of the articles in there to assist you while building a social strategy or managing your accounts. Once a month, we also send out the KWSM Newsletter, so subscribe if you’d like to receive a roundup of current social media articles in your email inbox!


Didn’t get a chance to attend this round of KWSM Bootcamp? Sign up for our next social media Bootcamp here!



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