Do You Know If Your Pins Are Missing Something?

Source: @jennbeatty4
Source: @jennbeatty4

Pinterest is about as visual a social media platform as there can be. Pinners head there to find inspiration, shop around, and to see what is trending. It is important for businesses to have pins that will stand out from the crowd. When you pin you need to ask yourself, “Are my pins “Pinteresting”?

It is important when you save your pins to edit them to maximize your exposure. If all you do is put in a short description and select a board, you deny yourself the chance to be seen by more users. Don’t fall into the trap of adding incomplete pins to your boards.

It is crucial to have your pins contain all the important information that Pinterest provides when you edit a pin. This information includes the board to where it resides, a description, website, and geo-tag. Make sure that you save your pins to the proper boards. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of saving a pin on an unrelated board.

Next, make sure the description is filled out. You want to put enough information so that your user learns something, but you also want to leave them with curiosity to seek out more on your website. Make sure you put the proper website address to your website in the space Pinterest allows.

Lastly, add a location. If your store held an event at a specific location, include the location in your pin. If you took that photo in a special destination, note that in the location space for your pin.

All of these elements make your pins stand out from the rest. Sure Pinterest is fun, but it’s also a vehicle for your business to drive traffic to your website. Make sure every pin has the website saved so that people can then visit your site from the pin.

The often over-looked factors can make a big difference in converting the casual browser into a customer. Take the time to go through your boards and complete each pin with the proper information – you’ll see results.

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