Easy Ways Your Business Can Use Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic

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You spent hours researching and crafting the perfect blog post to promote your newest product. You even posted the blog on your company’s website, but readership seems disappointingly stagnant. An organized, innovative promotion plan on Pinterest may help.

To increase blog visibility, it is important to drive traffic to the post on your company’s website to capitalize on the return of investment. Because Pinterest is known as of the most visual social media platforms, many businesses use it to showcase their stories. Here’s how to maximize your efforts:

Develop a blog board

Easy navigation is key for followers to find your blog posts and blog boards on Pinterest. Try creating a board specifically for your blogs. Include a quote or brief summary from the blog in your posts. Choose an image that represents the post well and include a link a direct link to the blog post. Name the board the same as your blog title page on your website. For example, if you own a jewelry company and the blog is called “pendants, rings, bling, and things,” also name your blog board “pendants, rings, bling, and things” on Pinterest. It is important to use keywords when naming your board, so your content will appear more in search results.

Ensure blog post pins are easy to find

Much like Pinterest indexes pins within the site, search engines such as Google also index information, so good SEO practices are important. Verify your pins are searchable. Confirm your account settings and adjust privacy settings if necessary so public search engines find your posts. You can also increase your SEO by using relevant keywords in your pins to describe your posts.

Showcase the lifestyle behind your brand

Create additional boards that resonate with both your business and your market. Add a variety of boards and pin them full of content your consumers will care about such as household tips, favorite recipes, tutorials and relevant lifestyle images that connect to your board’s theme. Cross-promote your blog posts on your other boards by including links back to the blog. The purpose here is to demonstrate how your blog fits within the relevant context of that particular board theme to create more appeal to Pinterest users.

Engage with your followers

Just like any other social media site, it’s important to interact with Pinterest followers and users. Regular engagement helps turn Pinners into loyal blog readers who will likely check out your website and other social channels. Pin original and consistent content to ensure your pins appear in followers’ feeds. Don’t forget to return the favor and follow those users who follow your boards. Liking and commenting on their content and the content of other industry leaders is helpful too. This will show others that you are an engaged, contributing member of the Pinterest community and will encourage others to follow you!


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