The Recipe For Incorporating Emojis Into Your Social Media

Feb 2017
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English, Spanish, Mandarin… and now Emoji. The world is embracing emojis as its new language, and these little characters are everywhere! What started as a means for text messages is now taking over digital media as the main ingredient to social content. A study by the Emoji Consumer Science Team shows almost 92% of the online population is using emojis to express themselves.

Emojis serve as a method for grabbing a user’s attention and giving brands a human touch online. We know when someone is on a social media site; they’re browsing through posts quickly. Sprucing up your posts and adding emotion can lead to more views and potential clicks. With the right technique, your followers will be excited to see your updated content and will be coming back for more. Here’s the recipe to successfully incorporate emojis into your online presence.

A Dash of Expression

 From joyous to confused and all the feelings in between, there’s an emoji for almost every emotion in the book! When it comes to your social media, incorporating your emotions will give users an intimate feeling of knowing you. They’ll be able to relate to the emoji rather than trying to relate to text. When using these characters in your social posts, it’s important also to remember the people with who you are communicating. Keep everything appropriate! For example, the heart eyes emoji might not be your best idea if your followers are CEOs. 

A Pinch In Your Responses

Have you ever had a text message conversation solely using emojis? This day in age it’s easy to communicate back and forth only using these icons. Adding in emojis to your responses from followers makes the dialogue light-hearted and fun. It’s a visual way to get your message across to the user and keep the conversation short and sweet. Digital communications are getting shorter and shorter, and now it’s more efficient to just reply with a thumb up emoji rather than typing it out.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Be careful not to out-do your emoji usage. Over-using emojis in your content can lead to confused users deciphering through your posts and eventually moving on. Your main goal for your social media is to attract new prospects while building relationships with your current following. It’s important that your content is easy to understand and you get your point across quickly.

Now that you know the perfect recipe for incorporating emojis on your social channels, learn more about proper etiquette here!



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