Twitter Drops Buy Button, LinkedIn To Build Engagement Insights Feature, Facebook Trumps YouTube For Live Video | Social Media Trends

Jan 2017

Twitter is making a bold move by taking away its “”Buy” button as it bucks the trend of integrating e-commerce into its social platform.Twitter Drops Buy Button, LinkedIn To Build Engagement Insights Feature, Facebook Trumps YouTube For Live Video | Social Media Trends

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is ready to take its analytics features to the next level, and Facebook is leading the pack when it comes to live video – even toppling YouTube.

These are trending social media stories you need to know!

LinkedIn getting serious About Analytics

 LinkedIn has unveiled a new strategic partnership with DataSift in an effort to bring new powerful metrics for engagement to its millions of users on the popular professional networking platform.

With these insights, content marketers can optimize advertising planning and measurement, brand building activities, and bolster content marketing on LinkedIn.

This new partnership will help brands discover new audiences, learn about content performance, and even size up the competition.

LinkedIn says the move offers the best way to plan, design, and deliver ads to audiences.

Facebook Takes The Crown For Live Video

 It’s official: Facebook has finally surpassed YouTube as the most popular live-streaming platform!

New studies from the UBS Evidence Lab have shown Facebook live users have greatly surpassed YouTube when it comes to live-streaming.

It is no secret that Facebook has pushed users to use live-streaming over the past year, an effort that has surely paid off.

The rise of live video across social media has given marketers and publishers a platform to reach larger audiences with engaging content and immediacy.

With all platforms vying for a piece of the live-streaming crowd, it is clear Facebook is emerging the leader.

The report compiled by UBS shows that in June of 2016, 21% of live video users were watching video via YouTube, and just short time later, the numbers have changed dramatically, with 17% of online users watching on Facebook, and 16% watching on YouTube.

How have you utilized Facebook’s live streaming services for your social content?

Twitter Ditches “Buy” Button

 Twitter users will no longer have the option to purchase products directly from their timeline after the platform pulled the plug on its “buy” button feature embedded directly in Tweets.

The platform first launched the “Buy” button in September of 2014, but never quite resonated with users.

The move comes on the heel of a string of various efforts on behalf of the platform to change its direction, putting more of an emphasis on live video integration as well as live-streaming of events such as professional sports.

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s latest move?

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