How to Get a Sizzling Start On Twitter

Jan 2017
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If you’re ready to let your voice be heard on social media, it’s time to take your talents to Twitter! This social media channel is perfect for keeping up with trending topics, connecting with other brands and having direct conversations with members of your target audience.


Make sure you start your Twitter career off strong by knowing exactly how to set up your channel for success.


Get The Right Look

First impressions always matter, which is why branding your Twitter profile is important. Choose a photo that accurately represents your business for your profile photo. A logo is always a great choice, or if you want a more personal touch, you can choose a photo of yourself! For example, if you’re a fashion blogger or lawyer or even a psychic, you can use a headshot as a profile photo. Next, choose a header photo with imagery that relates to your services. Remember to always use high-quality photos, especially for your profile. And last but not least, make sure your bio is filled out. This is your calling card! It will help people understand who you are, what you do, and where they can reach you.


Make Quality Connections

On Twitter, it’s crucial to understand that quality over quantity matters when making connections and growing your number of followers. While it’s nice to have thousands of followers, networking at random will not boost your brand on Twitter. Make quality connections by following brands your company relates to, follow people you’d want to work with, and sometimes follow your followers who are big fans of your brand to show you appreciate their consistent engagement with your content!


Know Your Voice

Your company’s values, as well as its services, will be defining factors when determining your brand voice. Is your tone warm and friendly or strictly professional? For example, if you run a pet sitting service, taking a strictly professional tone may ensure your audience knows you’re qualified, but being warm as well will assure your customers you’ll take excellent care of their furry friends. Knowing your brand voice is vital for interacting with other users on Twitter since the channel is conversation-based!


Join The Conversation

Once you’ve got the last three points down, it’s time to network! Use Twitter’s search bar to find people talking about topics relevant to what you offer. You can even use the advanced search option to narrow down your audience and find Twitter users tweeting within a mile radius of your business address. Try balancing tweeting out your own original content with networking tweets as best as you can. Just like any conversation, there’s a give and take to Twitter networking!


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