Repurpose Like a Pro – A Guide for Sharing Your Blog Posts


As social media managers, we often stress the importance of having a social presence. As a focal point of both customer service and brand awareness, social media is important for your company’s success. Blogs are a great way to regularly connect with your customers, but they can also highlight your expertise and help establish credibility within your industry. These blog posts live on your website, but you can put them to work for you elsewhere!

LinkedIn Pulse 

Many people overlook LinkedIn, but there’s power in the Pulse! LinkedIn’s publishing tool allows you to post original content on the professional platform for your connections to read and share with their connections. This will get your message out to a set of people who know you but might not have visited your website lately. Posting in the Pulse can also put your blogs in front of industry leaders and potential customers. This visibility builds credibility among colleagues and helps generate potential leads. We’ve put together a “how-to” with everything you need to know about the LinkedIn Pulse here!


A massive search engine, Pinterest can help hook your audience and drive them to your website. Create different boards that fit the topics of your blog posts and post to public boards. Come up with creative and innovative descriptions and titles that will entice the reader and encourage them to click through to your site. If you are trying to focus on increasing web traffic, posting your blogs to Pinterest is sure to make your numbers soar.

Content Generation

After you’ve written a blog, you might not be aware of how to maximize its potential. Facts and information from your blogs make great Facebook posts and Tweets! You can generate graphics with specific quotes from your blog post or take bits and pieces and reformat them as short Facebook posts! You should reserve your most interesting and surprising facts for Twitter. Compelling one-liners will have readers clicking through to your website for more. If you blog once a week, or even once a month, you’ll never struggle for social media posts again!


A newsletter takes your email client list and your bank of blog posts and puts them to good use! Blogs are perfect content for a monthly newsletter. Craft a theme or pull your 3-4 favorite entries and package them up for your audience’s inbox. Newsletters keep your audience up-to-date and show off blogs you’ve recently posted. This monthly reminder keeps your clients involved, is a source of information for readers, and can be a subtle reminder for those still considering working with you.

Blogs are goldmines. They are full of social media content waiting to be created. Repurposing these posts will save you time and ensure you are getting the most out of your work. Looking for some social media inspiration? Check out these 4 companies that are standing out as true social media winners here!


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