Pinterest Networking: Best Practices


If you’ve ever perused Pinterest, you’ve probably realized by now that gaining followers, and particularly the right followers, is not always as easy as it seems. But don’t give up! Change your tactics with a few crucial tips from your favorite Content Editor! Conscious pinning practices, “sharing the love”, and networking with those you know are the top three best practices when it comes to networking on Pinterest.

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Conscious Pinning Practices

While Pinterest may seem like a fairly mindless channel, it’s important to keep a firm focus when networking, in order to ensure you are connecting with the right audience. First and foremost, Pinterest is a channel on which staying active is essential to appearing high in the algorithm as well as growing your fan base. Accounts that share 10+ pins per day have the highest chance of being seen by the widest audience, and are more likely to gain followers when they give the impression of being highly active. Additionally, timing is everything on this channel. Pinterest users are the most active in the evening hours, so staying up a little later to pin will likely work in your favor.

Share The Love

It may sound a tad trite, but it’s entirely true: social media is built on the concept of “sharing the love!” It’s not enough to pepper your followers with your own pins- you’ve got to repin right back to show the interest is mutual! One-sided social media activity is never your best option, particularly on Pinterest, where user interaction is one of the only tried and true ways to grow your audience. Keep your content a mix of internal and external pins, and watch the followers flock!

 Network With Who You Know

One of the most puzzling parts of Pinterest is the fact that there doesn’t always seem to be a direct correlation between followers and number of pins. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine which accounts are really worth following! Never fear, friends- it’s actually an easier process than you may think! Ideally, you’ve grown your following enough to where you are receiving at last a few notifications on a weekly basis. Use these interactions as a baseline for finding sub communities you can connect with. If you’ve already found a follower that appreciates your content, odds are good that their followers (who are likely their friends) will as well. Repeat this process on a weekly basis, and you are well on your way to an enormous, engaged audience!

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