Unique Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

Apr 2021

Engaging With Social MediaSocial media engagement is important for any business and is a useful metric to measure the reach of your brand and the awareness of your audience. Social media engagement also helps you strengthen your connections with customers and allows you to establish customer loyalty.


Grow Your Following 

The first step in increasing your engagement is growing your number of followers in order to build a significant audience to engage with. You can do so by putting some money into advertising to drive people to your profile. Another way to increase your following is to engage with profiles that fit your target audience by joining a Facebook group with members who fit your customer profile and might be interested in your services or products. 


Create Content that Stands Out 

Content is important in growing your brand, and must be interesting to your followers. Your content should be unique and customized to fit your business. It should be cohesive across all social media platforms and give your profiles a sense of purpose. You don’t want your followers to be confused about the type of information they will find on your profiles, or question why they follow you.


Sharing user generated content is a selling point to followers and actively increases engagement as well as general interest in what you are sharing. A popular tactic for gathering UGC is to host a contest for social media users to submit their own content to be featured on your social media channels. People love to see their posts featured by a brand. 


When creating unique and personalized content, using design apps like Canva can help you create attractive posts. Followers like to see aesthetically pleasing photos and graphics and are known to engage more when the content is visual.


Start the Conversation

When you are the voice of the brand, sometimes you need to start the conversation with your followers. To do so, ask questions, create polls, and ask for submissions to get the chatter started. The goal is to make your followers feel as if you are talking directly to them and asking their opinion.


When engaging in conversation with your audience, it’s important to pay attention to their responses. Acknowledging each response is a great way to build rapport and stand out against the competition. Many brands, especially larger accounts, forget to maintain that relationship with their followers- in return, leaving their audience feeling unimportant and unnoticed.


49% of consumers will unfollow a brand on social media based on irrelevant content.

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