How to Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

In digital marketing, there are several ways to reach your audience, such as ads and email marketing. But the most up close and personal experience you can get with your followers is engaging with them via social media. Your audience follows you because they are interested in you and want to keep you top of mind. While posting a lot of content may help, the best way to engage them is to interact with them.


As a business owner, you should leverage social media channels to your advantage. If you’re unsure about how to present your business online, we’ve compiled a list to help you interact with followers, and keep them coming back for more!

Ask Long-Form Questions 

This tactic can go hand-in-hand with your content strategy or can be used in conversations that your audience is having amongst themselves. If you want to understand what your audience thinks about your business or offerings, ask a long-form question. Show genuine interest by asking questions that do not have an immediate yes or no response. 


When you ask these questions on public-facing channels, your audience can see that you’re reciprocating interest. Additionally, you can use these conversations to get insight on potential opportunities or new ideas that can help push your business to the next level. 

Use Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is an essential part of communicating with your audience. The language and emotion you use in your brand voice set you apart from the competition. If you have core values or a brand message that is central to your business, use that to your advantage. Your voice can be a powerful tool and can bring a sense of community or shared values amongst your followers. 


For example, if your business specializes in sports apparel, your brand voice may sound motivational and encouraging rather than laid-back and chill. Presenting your business with your brand voice in mind helps you maintain consistency across your social channels.

Be Relatable and Approachable

Now, more than ever, people enjoy creating relationships with brands. Taking the time to be responsive can have an impact on how your audience views you. Being sales-oriented isn’t the best tactic because it can make you seem disingenuous. Show your followers that you’re not on social media to sell your business, you’re there to get to know them. 


Focus on relating to their experiences with your brand. If they’re not satisfied, don’t be discouraged, be approachable! Let them know that you’re available via DM or for offline communication to resolve their issues.


megaphone71% of consumers that have a positive experience with a brand online recommend that brand to their friends and family.

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