Top LinkedIn Updates 2022

LinkedIn updates are changing the game for professional networking. New tools like link stickers, post templates, and carousel options are putting creativity in the hands of more business owners. Learn how these new social media marketing tools can help you … Read More

Where is My Instagram Shop Tab?

Many Instagram fans are asking, “what happened to my Instagram shop tab?” As Instagram has been rolling out some new changes to the platform’s shopping features, users are noticing a visual difference. Here’s what the changes could mean for customers … Read More

Developing PR Skills | KWSM Mentorship Program

PR and Marketing go hand-in-hand. Recently, I was able to teach PR skills to a teammate and flex my digital marketing muscles through KWSM’s Mentorship Program. KWSM’s Mentorship Program Here at KWSM, we believe you should never stop learning. Our … Read More

3 B2B Marketing Trends

As a business owner or operator, you’ve likely changed many business practices over the last few years – whether that’s streamlining inefficiencies or adopting a hybrid/remote work environment.  The marketing landscape has changed in that time, and for businesses looking … Read More

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