Social Media is More Than Idle Chatter

A woman was cycling in the middle of a 300 acre forest and went flying over her handlebars. She was unable to walk and knew that she was all alone. To make matters worse, there wasn’t a cell phone close enough to call 911, but she did have enough signal left to send a tweet.
She sent out one tweet and at least six people called the local medics, who were on the scene within minutes.

Your Twitter Account isn’t Still Speaking to Facebook or Linkedin is it?

Linking Facebook to twitter is the most commonly accepted update that is still happening. Like Chuck Woolery, I love this connection. Twitter is the little bird of social media that talks a lot and can get away with it. Facebook is more of a quality update that might happen more than once a day but can easily be added to a twitter stream-if you’re active on twitter. If you just have twitter set up solely as a repeat reference for Facebook then call Joey Greco because you’ve got a problem.

Can I Get a Little Love… For My Smart Phone?

I love social media. And as an extension of those feelings, I love my laptop. And my smartphone. But I’m not in love with them. I wanted to make that clear because, apparently, some people are. A new study from Arizona State University finds that people can actually be in love with their favorite devices. You can read a whole article about it here, but basically what we’re talking about is something scientists call “material possession love.” It happens when a person “becomes emotionally attached to possessions as real substitutes in what resembles a human relationship.”

Online Videos-You Ought to be in Pictures, Really

YouTube is the most popular video hosting site and is second most popular search engine; it’s also owned by Google. Vimeo is the second biggest video hosting site, but only has a fraction of the number of videos that YouTube has. We’ll chat more about Vimeo and YouTube in a moment.
Try to think of something that can’t be better explained or demonstrated with video. Go ahead, try and think, we’ll wait here….See, everything is better (or at least different) with video. Sometimes, when it’s all about the amounts of content you have out there, different, i.e. more relevant search results are what counts.
A quick video about plumbing repair makes much more impact than a document telling someone how to do it. If it’s your business and you’re camera shy, than hire somebody to do the videos, it’s more cost effective than you realize.

To Hulu or not to Hulu? Is There Even a Question?

The number of U.S. households that pay for TV service from cable, satellite or phone companies dropped last year, for the first time in decades. And in last year’s fourth quarter, the number of people between ages 18 and 49 watching any kind of TV on a traditional set was down about 1.3% from the previous fall, the biggest decline in at least four years. (Nielsen) We were among them. We haven’t had cable in a year, and we moved our clunky old TV set to the garage. It just wasn’t getting any use.

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