Why Your Social Media Should Follow the Minimalist Trend

Why Your Social Media Should Follow the Minimalist Trend

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify. Simplify.” These wise words came from Henry David Thoreau, the original minimalist that ran to the woods and lived solely off necessities. Little did he know, the infamous novel, Walden would not only inspire an entire community of hipsters to live in simplicity but marketers as well.

Social media users do not come online to read long-winded posts that take five minutes to get to the point. Brands literally have seconds to captivate their audience in order to get them to a destination, whether it’s a landing page or a shopping cart. While that’s a lot of pressure, this process would be much easier and more effective if we all thought WWTD? What Would Thoreau Do?

Whether you’re writing an Instagram caption, or formulating an ad strategy, it’s best to have a “less is more” frame of mind. Use these tips to adopt the ways of Thoreau and simplify your business’ social media marketing.


This is one of the most important aspects of your marketing. What you say and how long you say it can affect your followers and entice potential customers to give your product or service a chance.

When writing copy, our first instinct is to pack as much detail in there as we can, which is how we end up with longwinded posts. And it’s okay to go this route, as long as we create a simplified version by trimming off the unnecessary details. If you’re worried about your audience not having enough information, reserve those extra details for a blog post and attach a short link to that post.

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Yes, a number of times you post matters across all your platforms. You can actually annoy your audience by posting too much and put your business page at risk for being a victim of the unfollow button. Instead, follow a posting schedule every day so your followers know when to expect an update to your page

When promoting an event, many brands make the mistake of sharing the same poster with the same photo every day, which can also become a nuisance. When creating your event poster, make the background image as simple as possible, so it’s interchangeable. Even though it’s the same poster, your followers won’t feel like they’re always seeing the same content from you.


Social media marketing isn’t just about being creative. While that’s our favorite aspect of the job, it also takes a boatload of strategic thinking in order for it to be effective.

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