How to Run a Successful Email Drip Campaign

Jul 2017

How to Run a Successful Email Drip CampaignHow to Run a Successful Email Drip CampaignWhen it comes to persuading your audience to take action, sometimes they need a few subtle reminders. Email drip campaigns let you do just that. A drip campaign is a series of specific emails sent out one after another giving your audience multiple opportunities to buy, sign up, call, or act on whatever the goal of your campaign is. A successful email drip campaign converts leads and business, but how do you set yours up effectively? 


Have a Brand Voice

Each email will be sent individually, but they should feel cohesive and tell a full story. Your brand voice should be apparent in every email your audience receives. Your audience should feel like they are having a conversation with you, not like your company has multiple personalities. At the end of your email campaign, your audience will feel more acquainted with your brand and is more likely to do business with you in the future.


Know Your Call to Action


What is it you want your audience to do after reading one of your emails? Whether you want your audience to buy your product, sign up for your service, or visit your store, there should be no confusion about your goal. Each email should include a clear call to action, so your audience is given the opportunity to meet your overall goal after each email. Each email should be different and should be telling your story differently, but your call to action always stays the same.


Make Each Email Mean Something


When constructing your campaign, always keep your main goal in mind, but what is the purpose of each email? You should have a different strategy in place with each email that you write to make the most out of the drip campaign. Don’t duplicate your efforts by having identical emails sent out each time. Instead, make each email unique, playing a specific role in the campaign.


Set Time and Frequency


How many emails will you need to tell your full story and effectively persuade your audience? How much time should there be in between each email? These are both important questions you must ask yourself when writing your campaign. You need just enough emails to be able to get your point across, but not too many that they become redundant. This will only give your audience a reason to unsubscribe. The amount of time between each email is important to the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Spend some time thinking about what works for you and your goals before hitting send.


Track Your Data


The data you collect from your campaign will give you invaluable information about your strategy, and your company. Pay attention to your open rate, which specific emails led to conversions and all of the data that was collecting throughout the campaign. This will help you measure your overall success, will give you insight to which of your approaches were most effective, and will tell you how you can improve your next campaign.


Email drip campaigns can be an effective way to convert leads for your business, but only if you do them correctly. With the right approach, your business can benefit time and time again from an email drip campaign. Email drip campaigns are just one of the many services KWSM provides. Learn more about our services and workshops here.

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