3 Ways to Find Your Target Audience Through Facebook Ads

Jul 2017

We consider it a social media faux pas, but many businesses believe that targeting every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a Facebook account is the best way to build their brand. Wrong! While this may seem like the right strategy, your brand will waste its Facebook ads budget by attempting to reach people who may not be interested in your product, service or message. When cultivating your fan base on Facebook, it’s important to hone in on the people who will care about your brand. With a broader audience, you will most likely reach people who are less likely to interact with your content. By identifying a well-defined audience, you will conserve your ads budget and more likely reach people who will engage with your posts.

Unsure of how your business should reach fans? The Facebook Insights tool provides helpful information about the geography, interests, purchase habits and demographics of your fans before you run your ads.

Target By Location

Looking to show off your newest product to consumers in the Southwest? Start by targeting the cities and states that your fans call home. For example, if you are a cosmetics company in Southern California, you can target specific cities within a 10-50 mile radius. Sharing your message with fans in a specific location can help ensure your business reaches the right customer.

Target By Demographics

Struggling to find that special niche audience? No problem because Facebook has an ad for that too! Get specific and share your message with a group of people based on their education, age, household income, lifestyle and even their political affiliations. Try breaking these characteristics up into smaller targets. This strategy will help to optimize your ad toward a better performing target. A bedding company that wants to attract millennials may target men and women between the ages of 21 and 35 from various income levels with an interest in sleep, health, and wellness, bedding or home décor.

Target By Interests

When it comes to running Facebook ads for our clients, targeting the audience by interests is one of our go-to darts to score a place on the inner section of the board. Facebook ads that target a specific group by interest typically means that your content will be well aligned with the things they already like and interact with on Facebook. Again, if you work for that cosmetic company we mentioned earlier, targeting females who enjoy shopping and fashion will likely score your company major points with its fan base.

Accuracy and experimentation are important factors when reaching an appropriate audience for your brand. Test and learn to see which ads work and then revamp and modify to reach the right people. Your business will thank you!

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