Why a Social Media Obsessed Teenager Can’t Run Your Business’ Social Media

Why a Social Media Obsessed Teenager Can’t Run Your Business’ Social MediaWould you allow your 17-year-old to take charge of your business’ finances? “Absolutely not!” “Are you insane!” “Not in a million years!” We’re sure you’re internally shouting one of these G-rated responses while reading this. But believe it or not, handing over your business’ social media accounts to your teenager is just as bizarre.

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Your son/daughter may have racked up over 10K followers on their personal Instagram account posting fashion or video game pictures. But there are endless reasons why teenagers, assistants, and interns aren’t equipped to run your business’ account.

Actually, we’ll give you 3 really good ones right now:

  1. Social media takes strategic thinking to build a loyal community.
  2. It’s essential to keep up with social media algorithms for audience engagement.
  3. Social media is more than posting a picture; it’s a form of marketing.

Social media is not your traditional marketing platform, which is why many businesses don’t take it very seriously. However, this makes social media an amazing marketing tool that every business should use to their benefit. Social media marketing is multifaceted, which means, you can’t use a one trick pony to run your channels. It takes strategy, education, creativity and lots of teamwork.

Social media marketing is multifaceted, so you can’t use a one trick pony to run your channels. Click To Tweet

The Strategist

Strategy is the foundation that supports your social media content and campaigns. Rather than diving into posting content, the strategist decides which platforms are best for your company, who will be interested in your content, and what type of content will spark engagement and traffic. Answering these questions will make creating and curating content much easier and allow you to target your ideal customers online.

The Thought Leader

This is where teamwork comes in. Whether you’ve hired an in-house social media team (SMT), or outsource your marketing, no one knows as much about your company as you do. You are the master of your trade, making you a valuable piece in on the social media board. Sharing your insight in an informative blog post shows your audience that you are a thought leader in your industry, which builds trusts.

This is not to say that your SMT will relax, mojito in hand while you write blog posts. Share your unique insight with your SMT and allow them to write the blog. When you come across relevant articles that your audience will be interested in, share it with your SMT, and they’ll take it from there.

The Creative

People don’t like to be advertised to—do you? Of course not. This is why creativity is such a vital part of marketing. People tend to stiffen up when it comes to writing marketing copy rather than loading it with personality. While you should write in the voice of your brand, people still respond well to a tone that sparks conversation. Rather than focusing on your product/services and why it’s so genius, think of it as the solution to their problem. And don’t forget the personality!

Now that you have some insight on the importance of thought leadership, strategy, and creativity, learn why authenticity is the key to quality content.





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