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You’ve learned how to utilize LinkedIn Pulse to discover valuable content, but are you publishing posts yourself on Pulse? Composing your own blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse is one of the five top places you should be regularly posting content on LinkedIn. Here’s why you need to start sharing your own expertise on Pulse.

Build Credibility

Establish yourself as an expert in your industry beyond just listing your job history on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn allows users to create a sort of online resume, how you interact on LinkedIn can showcase your talent as an expert in your field. By consistently posting to Pulse on topics in your industry, you can build your credibility and establish expertise.

LinkedIn encourages users to share articles from influencers, but also to become a thought leader and influencer yourself. You can establish yourself as an author on LinkedIn, and build an author page with the posts you write.

Grow Your Network

A unique added benefit of publishing on LinkedIn Pulse is easily growing your network. Other users can follow you and your posts even if they’re not a connection of yours. By developing yourself as a thought leader, you are publically putting yourself out there and can attract a wider audience. You never know who might be listening! Influence more people and build a better reputation for yourself and your brand by staying active on Pulse.

Blog without the Technical Set-Up

If you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, Pulse can be a great option! Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse is simple and doesn’t require back-end access to a website. You don’t need knowledge of WordPress or html to post a blog on Pulse. Simply choose “Write a new post” under your profile, and you’ll be directed to Pulse’s blogging template. Add a headline, an image that you have rights to, and start typing away. Additionally, you will be able to choose three tags (keywords or phrases) to help other LinkedIn users find your content based on topic.

Rich SEO Value

LinkedIn is 1 of the top 20 most trafficked sites in the world, and Google often indexes popular LinkedIn posts higher than those from a personal blog. If you already write and publish a blog on your personal website, consider publishing it on Pulse as well. This will allow you to reach a wider audience and be found in a different place than your website.

Publishing on Pulse is just one essential step in a great LinkedIn strategy.

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