Sharing Identical Content on Multiple Channels

Feb 2016
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If you had a newborn baby, would you share the great news with one family member or would you attempt to shout it from the mountaintops? According to my flooded newsfeeds, new parents are taking to every social media outlet possible to spread the good word. Your business can learn something from these proud parents: but there are pros and cons to blasting the same piece of content across all of your channels. We’re taking a closer look at the highs and lows of sharing identical content on multiple channels.


So nice you shared it twice! Under certain circumstances, you may want to blast your business news across all your social media channels. Here’s how to do it the right way:

Expand the Audience

Some people are Facebook fanatics and others are LinkedIn loyalists; make sure both sides are seeing your company’s content by posting it on multiple channels. As you start to share content on various social media sites, you can also see where your content is earning the most engagement. Although these duplicate posts may hold the same sentiment as the original, we recommend rewording your content as much as possible before sharing on a new channel.

Lighten the Load

Coming up with creative content every day can feel as impossible as climbing Mount Everest in an hour. Repurposing posts from one channel to another is an easy way to lighten your load and stretch the shelf life of your content. Before copying and pasting from channel to channel, you should not only reword your material, you should also space out the timing between posts.


Recycling may be great for the environment, but it’s not always the best practice on your company’s social media channels. Here’s the downside to duplicating your work:

Copycatting Catch

Repeating content always exposes your business to the possibility of a dedicated fan catching you. Not only could you potentially lose a loyal follower, their catch could cause others to jump ship as well. If all of your social media content looks identical across all platforms, what incentive do users have to follow each one individually? Devote attention to each social media site by catering to its strengths. For example, you should never post a job opening on Pinterest but that post could be great on LinkedIn.

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