Why Google+ Is Crucial To Your Online Presence

When trying to unlock the secret to successful search engine optimization, Google+ is the hidden key most social media users are missing. In comparison to social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Google+ seems to fall short in terms of popularity, and according to Business Insider, not many active users are on the social media platform. So why should you continue to use Google+? These three reasons will have you scrambling to sign in to your account immediately.


Search Engine Optimization

Creating a complete and accurate Google+ business page for your company will help you to rank high on search engine results. Since Google created Google+, the search engine has taken into account every bit of information on your business page, including reviews. When posting content on your Google+ page, remember you’re directly feeding Google information that could impact your business. And best of all? Creating a Google+ business page is absolutely free. You can create your own SEO success just by having correct information available on Google+.


Greater Visibility

When searching specifically for your company on Google, you’ll usually see your business name listed at the top of the page. Having a complete Google+ page consistent with your business’s website information can completely change your first page search results. With a Google+ page in place, your company information, photos, and star rating on Google+ will be displayed on the right side of the search results page, allowing for greater visibility.


Brand Consistency

If you don’t take the initiative to create your own Google+ business page, Google may create a page for you. Depending on where this data is pulled from, it may feature inaccurate information. I once worked with a client whose company fax number was listed as their business phone number, which meant his company was missing out on phone calls from potential clients. After claiming his page and updating it to reflect his business’s correct information, he saw an increase in sales calls immediately. Keeping information consistent on both your company website and Google+ business page will prevent both client and search engine confusion.


Although Google+ isn’t the social media platform where people are most active, it’s still important due to its ability to improve local search visibility and increase exposure in Google search results. So if you haven’t already done so, make sure your business is on Google+! You can connect with Katie Wagner Social Media on Google+ here.


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