How To Create A Complete Google+ Business Page



Google+ boasts major advantages for your business, some unique to its design, which make it one of the most powerful social media platforms available. From improving local search visibility to connecting other social media channels, it is especially effective in increasing your exposure in Google search results.

If you already have an understanding of how Google+ can benefit your business, read on to learn how a creating and maintaining a complete Google+ page can serve as a valuable tool.


Tips For Creating a Complete Google+ Business Page:


Make a Great First Impression

Whether online or in person, first impressions make a difference. Add a profile photo, logo photo, and cover photo to give your Google+ business page a complete look at first glance. This setup will allow potential clients to know who you are without having to read the fine print. It’s also important to ensure that the look of your Google+ business page is consistent with your website. For example, if you have a photo on your website’s homepage, you can also use it as a cover photo. Presenting a unified brand image across your various social media channels exhibits organization and professionalism.


List Accurate Information

A complete profile means an accurate profile. Having a Google+ profile with missing or inaccurate information could jeopardize your Google listing since the search engine directly pulls specific information from your business page. Think of your Google+ business page as an opportunity to bring in new clients. If a potential client searches for and finds you on Google+, you’ll want them to easily locate your hours of operation, telephone number, address, and website in order to contact you. In addition, displaying your company’s full name, providing a description, and selecting relevant categories can make you easier to find online and offers context as to what services or products your business provides.


Managing your complete Google+ business page is imperative since it is essentially an extension of your business. Post new content, engage with your audience, and update any pertinent business information to maintain a complete and accurate Google+ business page.


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