Transparency is the Newest Trend on Social Media

Times are quickly changing and there is a new drive across nearly every existing platform toward one thing: transparency. The rise of targeted ads, sponsored content, and influencers have left many users skeptical of authentic posts, causing some to walk away from social media altogether. This week, Instagram and Snapchat both tried out new features that could allow social media to be more social than sales in the months to come.


Instagram Removes Like Count in New Prototype


What’s a baker with no oven? What’s a mechanic with no tools? What’s an Influencer with no visible likes? While we know the first two scenarios are unlikely, the third may be a future reality as reflected in a leaked Instagram prototype. In the prototype, posts only allow the user who posted it to see how many likes it received, with an explanation from Instagram stating:

“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who shares a post will see the total number of likes it gets.” The test is being done to see if users will post more openly and creatively, without the consideration of the post’s popularity, and was discovered by Jane ManChun Wong who is notorious for cracking future updates before they become live.


Photo: Jane Manchun Wong


This update is not public nor a confirmed update, but keep checking back here each week for updates – as it would have a big effect on companies.



Did Instagram Come Up with a New Stories Feature?

  1. Yes
  2. Sure did
  3. Uh huh


Introducing Instagram’s latest sticker: “Quiz Sticker!” This new feature is a fun way to test your followers on their knowledge about various subjects – whether that is something about yourself or an area of expertise. Using this feature and other Instagram stickers help drive engagement on your stories, and get people ultimately clicking on your profile and posts. For brands on social media, this is another great way to make your followers feel like you are more relevant and approachable – two things very important, especially to the millennial generation.


To access stickers, take a photo or video and click the smiley button that looks like a sticker at the top of the screen.


Snapchat Prohibits Sponsored Content… Sort Of


Instagram isn’t the only platform that is trying to create more authentic content – in a recent change to Snapchat’s community guidelines, it was noted in the “Impersonation and Spam” section that they “…prohibit spam and deceptive practices, including content that imitates Snapchat ad formats.”


What does that mean for users? It means that they have been cracking down on sponsored content – a staple for influencers. Users who create sponsored content have looked back to realize the platform has deleted any content that appears to be branded if it is not from the brand account. Although Snapchat has said that the guideline does not prohibit users from making money off of their content, they do not clearly provide what the exact restrictions are on the subject. This allows Spanchat the right to delete sponsored content, forcing advertisers to rely on Snapchat ads.


Speaking of influencers… have you seen this popular tweet yet? We can’t help but laugh, too.









Did you know in the Buffer 2019 State of Social, 37% of respondents in our survey shared that their business has invested in influencer marketing?

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