Did You Know Twitter Got A Makeover?

Apr 2019

As of last week, Twitter received a makeover, and we’re here for it. While the Twitterverse has mixed emotions about the increased white space on the webpage and an off-centered feed, we think the new minimalistic layout brings positive functionality.

The new update is visible on the platform’s desktop interface. The first thing we noticed is that the layout and design seem to be focused on simplicity, almost like Twitter’s mobile app. There are now two columns, with the timeline on the left, while the trending topics and follow suggestions populate on the right. There are also a couple of other templates being tested to select profiles, but this seems to be the one Twitter is rolling out to everyone.

There are also some changes in function associated with the redesign. As you know, you have the option to show your latest tweets first, switch your background to dark mode, and change the size of your font. In addition, when you are clicking on a tweet, it no longer gives an overlay but a whole new page. One feature that’s getting positive feedback – when you go back to the feed, you are placed exactly where you left off instead of being shot to the top.

Twitter’s latest redesign comes as an attempt to increase its number of active users. Starting in June, Twitter will also be experimenting with ways to give people more control over their conversations by giving them an option to hide replies to their tweets.

If you are not a fan of the new layout, you can use the link below to opt out of the new design for now. As we’ve experienced on Instagram and Facebook, these options are temporary until they enforce the new layout across the entire channel. If this doesn’t work, you can also try to opt out by going into the account info on your left (or right for some) and restoring legacy Twitter.

(link: https://twitter.com/I/optout) twitter.com/I/optout.



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