Social Media Bootcamp: Understanding Instagram and Pinterest

Social media can be a beast when you first get started as a business. Many individuals have the misconception that their business profile can be just as simple as updating their personal accounts.


Sure, they may know how to navigate it, but once they get started, these types of questions arise:

  • What do I post?
  • How do you get followers?
  • How do I utilize all the features for my content?

That’s why we created Social Media Bootcamp, our four-week workshop where we break down on how to create a strategic plan for your business’ social media channels. KWSM President, Katie Wagner, leads a coaching session on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube each week. She uses a hands-on approach in order to help you understand how to achieve results on social media.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut on social or don’t quite understand where to start, Social Media Bootcamp is here to help in October.

Until then, here’s an introduction to what you will be learning in the Instagram and Pinterest class on October 12th at our offices in Aliso Viejo.


Utilizing Your Posting Features

Instagram isn’t just about a picture and a caption; there’s much more to posting that can help your goals on the channel. Throughout your workshop, Katie will explain how you can use your location and tagging features to attract new followers and even get more sales.

The Art of Hashtagging

Hashtags aren’t for every channel, but on Instagram, they’re gold. Hashtag help new people find your page and can increase your visibility on the channel. Hashtags are especially great when your brand attends or throws an event and can be useful for contests and even find user-generated content. But there’s an art to hashtagging to keep your page clean and aesthetically pleasing, which Katie will demonstrate.

How to Create Good Stories on Instagram

Being that social media is all about storytelling, this is a big one. Throughout Instagram training, you will understand how to tell your brand’s story in a compelling way. It’s all about being beautiful content, inspiration, an inside view and more. But Katie will dive more into that during your workshop.


The Value of Pinterest

Pinterest is so much more than a collection of projects and recipes. There is a lot of valuable information that lives on Pinterest, which makes it important for certain businesses. The best thing about Pinterest is that each pin can link to a URL, which means you can send people to any page on your site using a link. Katie will show you different types of pins you can create and how to best use the channel to send traffic to your site.

What to Pin on Pinterest

Understanding what types of pins to create and repin are essential for your Pinterest strategy. Your boards should relate to your brand and product and tell your story. Visitors should come to your Pinterest page with some understanding of the personality and culture of your brand. You will learn how to execute this effectively during your workshop.

Writing Descriptions

Descriptions should be taken very seriously on Pinterest. Every pin you create should include a description because that is how people will find your content. Understanding what goes into a good description on Pinterest can help you successfully attract new people to your site. So it’s a good thing Katie covers this in the Bootcamp.

If you’re curious about our most popular workshop, we have a preview into what you’ll learn from our Facebook coaching.





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