Social Media Bootcamp: Facebook

Everyone knows that having a strong social media presence for your business is extremely important to building your brand. While many of us have business accounts to several social media platforms, we often find ourselves with limited bandwidth to operate them or lack of experience to grow our channels into lead or sales generators. That’s why we created KWSM’s Social Media Bootcamp!


At Social Media Bootcamp, you will experience small-group coaching, led by KWSM President Katie Wagner, on various platforms. Each week, we cover a different channel through hands-on learning and interactive work.


The first week of Social Media Bootcamp is Facebook. This is our most popular class for several reasons; The first reason is that Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. Utilizing Facebook the correct way can help transform your online presence into sales and can help to grow your audience consistently.


In this session, you will learn how to excel in these three areas of Facebook:


Setting Up Your Page

Many businesses know that they need social media, but they don’t know where to start. In our session, we will guide you from the beginning, and we will discuss things like how to set up your account and explain the difference between a personal account and a business account.   Once you’ve created the page, we will help provide the building blocks to creating a professional business page.


How To Create Content

The content you post for your business represents your brand’s voice. How are you showing your audience what your business is all about? Your followers are hungry for news, insights, and stories that are unique to your brand. Our bootcamp will show you what type of content works for your specific business.


How To Attract Fans and Reach Engagement

Are you posting on Facebook but not seeing any results?  Getting your fans to see your content is one battle, but getting them to engage in it is a whole other story.  We will give you best practices and tips on how to use social media to converse with your audience. More importantly, we help you understand what it takes to build your brand’s credibility and awareness. From the aesthetic to the tone and voice, we want to help you appeal to your audience.


We know how diverse each business is; that’s why we keep our classes intimate, allowing you to get all the attention your business deserves. If you feel stuck at any stage of your social media marketing campaign, Social Media Bootcamp is for you.


Social Media Bootcamp starts on October 5th from 9AM-12PM! You can sign up for just one specific session or get the full experience with all four classes.


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