Sharpen Your Business Social Media With Our LinkedIn Social Media Bootcamp

Sep 2018

A stellar social media marketing strategy can mean the difference between landing a new client and garnering a momentum of exposure or staying stuck in a rut. LinkedIn should be a component of any winning outreach effort. Unfortunately, many business leaders are sailing in uncharted waters when it comes to navigating the platform.


Luckily, KWSM can get you on the right course for success with its Social Media Bootcamp. KWSM President, Katie Wagner, will host each class, providing in-depth presentations and interactive exercises. Participants will work on their accounts during each session.  Each session focuses on an individual platform in the following order: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Our LinkedIn Bootcamp is October 19th, and the session is all about increasing your visibility.


Tips for Increasing Visibility on LinkedIn


Visibility is the key to social media success. So how do you make yourself more visible on LinkedIn? There are a number of strategies that can create results consistently. We’ve outlined two below:


Show Off Your “Skills”

Consumers buy solutions. Period. They want to know what skills you possess that will provide a solution to their problem. LinkedIn creates an incredible opportunity for you too, not just advertise your skill set, but to have those skills endorsed by business and thought leaders also on the platform. Be sure to take some extra time to contemplate original skill sets, and be sure to include as many as possible.


Brand Yourself an Expert

One of the best ways to stand out on any platform is to brand yourself an expert in your industry. This can be accomplished by staying active on the platform, more specifically: creating content, posting blogs, and joining discussions with other users. This increases your visibility organically through engagement with other users but also prompts the platform to make it easier to find you.


During the LinkedIn portion of the KWSM Social Media Bootcamp, participants will learn how to set-up a profile and company page, use the account for prospecting, create referrals, and manage connections. We will also provide you with tips on how to grow your audience and create engaging content.


If you sign up for Social Media Bootcamp, we hope that you come prepared, stay connected, and ask lots of questions. If you have attended in the past, we encourage everyone to come for a refresh to learn what has changed since the last time. We have expanded on all of our channels and can’t wait to share with you what’s new for your business.



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