How to Use Video on Your Social Media Channels

Last week, we spoke about how Social Video Marketing helps you grow your social media and in turn, your business. It would be only fair to share some of the most popular channels for posting video content and increasing engagement. 




LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social networks and the most popular among business professionals. Pending on your customer base, LinkedIn may be the best fit for your company to promote its initiatives. The professional service industry tends to thrive on LinkedIn. On this platform, professional videos are ideal for communicating a clear company overview and message. 


Professional videos can be uploaded via regular posts on the company page and shared by the employees to increase reach. We also suggest incorporating video ads toward your target audience for any major marketing activities. You can have a video ad geared towards a conference to increase registration or a video prompting end-users to download a whitepaper. Linkedin promotes users to captivate audiences with native video ads at every stage in the journey.




Instagram is a place where people go to view images and videos. They’re not looking for a lot of lengthy text. This is the perfect place for professional, user-generated, and/or creative videos. You can post videos on your IG story and page. User-generated content can be acquired by searching the hashtags set forth by your company and re-posted on your page. Videos are limited to time on Instagram, but it still gets the message across to your audience. Hashtags are a powerful tool on Instagram because unlike some other social media channels, the more hashtags the better the reach. Hashtags allow your video to travel further on Instagram than on any other channel. 


Video Ads would be a good idea too, but keep it casual for this platform. Model your ads on content from Instagram influencers. Basically, their strategy is to create engaging content so the end-user doesn’t realize they’re consuming a video ad. If you can master the art of not looking like an ad, you’re #winning.




YouTube introduced YouTube Stories, which is similar to IG and Snapchat stories, where you can post photos and snippets into a longer video for the audience to enjoy. These stories last for 7 days unlike stories from the previous channels mentioned, which may last less than 48 hours. Also, YouTube is the mecca for live and traditional video posts. Regardless of the industry, it’s great to have a company overview on your main YouTube channel, and have several mini-videos on thought leadership pieces for people to engage with and subscribe to. How-to videos and tutorials thrive on this channel and it’s a good way to increase your following by becoming a resource on a particular topic.


All in all, every company should have multiple videos in their marketing arsenal. A good mix of professional versus user-generated video is the key to the success of your campaigns. We suggest conducting test posts with your audience to see which form is more responsive and gear your content strategy towards those types of videos. If you’re not sure, get your customers involved with choosing which content style is their favorite. It will be fun and interactive. Plus, your engagement will skyrocket.


Not sure where to start with your video marketing? 


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