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Last year YouTube introduced YouTube Reels, a feature on the video platform that took a page straight from the books of Instagram, Snapchat, and now Facebook.  Now called YouTube Stories, this feature is very similar to the now popular Instagram stories but they are not exactly the same. Here’s what you need to know about YouTube Stories and how to use them for your business. 

YouTube Stories

YouTube Stories are similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories, in the way that users post content like photos and videos to their page in a snippet like fashion. But unlike their Instagram counterparts, YouTube Stories last seven days, whereas Instagram and Snapchat only feature content for 24 hours. YouTube Stories are also only available using the YouTube app, meaning that if you are on the desktop version of the platform or viewing it in your mobile browser you won’t be able to see users’ Stories. There are two ways to see YouTube Stories – from the channels and Watch pages you subscribe to or a channel’s Stories tab. Another cool feature of YouTube Stories is that users can interact with Stories by posting comments to the Stories themselves. Story creators can then respond to the thread of comments by replying or sending a video response. 


The objective of this new feature is to promote community engagement and channel promotion more than day-to-day life updates. While you may want to experiment with different types of content, we believe promotions for upcoming videos, “behind the scenes” videos, and requests for viewer feedback will do well here. Similarly to other platform stories, this kind of content isn’t meant to be polished or formal, so let your brand’s personality shine through!


Youtube stories also allow users to use filters, stickers, insert video links, and add text to stories. These are great ways to get viewers engaged and interested in your stores. 


We think that YouTube Stories are a cool feature to try out, they are just another way to get in front of your followers and showcase your brand. 


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