Inside KWSM: How to Achieve Functional Health with Dr. Vince DiSaia

Aug 2019

One of the bonuses beyond our salaries and benefits package working at KWSM: a digital marketing agency is the quarterly professional and personal development sessions we have.

Dr. Vince DiSaia, DC, founder and clinic director of Momentum Functional Health was KWSM’s third-quarter guest speaker, and he did not disappoint in bringing us some insight into attaining better overall health. Dr. Vince, as we affectionately call him, is an advocate of our health; he’s also a long-time KWSM client. 

Dr. Vince has been involved in the health and fitness world for over ten years. He first began this journey after completing his undergraduate degree with honors recognition.  Dr. Vince then became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and shortly thereafter attended Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS). Four years later, he received his doctorate of chiropractic from SCUHS with Magna Cum Laude honors. Since then, Dr. Vince has continuously been involved with post-grad studies in the areas of kinesiology, sports medicine, functional endocrinology, and functional medicine to help his patients and clients perform their best.

His goal with speaking to KWSM was to empower each of our team members to take care of their health by focusing on the four pillars below: 


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated but is always a moving target, Dr. Vince explained. His biggest tip was to eat whole foods that are grown on the earth. 


You can not be a healthy human without exercise. This can even mean walking or any type of movement throughout your day. For those like us who sit at a desk for almost eight hours a day, getting up every so often to move your body will significantly improve your health. 


We learned that the only time your body truly detoxifies is in your sleep each night. Chronically undersleeping will break you down. We even asked if you had the choice between working out or getting good sleep what would be more important, and Dr. Vince recommended sleep. 

Stress Management

We can experience stress physically, emotionally, and even chemically, but all of them cause the same hormone response that can break the body down. This can be managed by doing yoga, meditating, breathing exercises, tai chi, or any type of activity that calms the body and mind down. 


This refers to the homeostasis of the body and is the one pillar that can’t be handled on your own. However, if the four other pillars are being taken care of, this one should not have any problems. 

Dr. Vince taught us that we, as individuals, should be our primary care doctors first and foremost to ensure good health before having to end up in the emergency room. 

It’s not every day we get to reverse roles with one of the clients we represent digitally and let them give us their expertise to benefit our team personally and professionally. 

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