How to Network on Social Media

Traditionally, when you think of networking, you think of a professional environment and attendees personally exchanging business cards and information. Men and women in their business professional attire and pitching their well-crafted elevator speeches. Those still exist, but now you can network from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas.

The invention of the world wide web and social media has changed the way we connect and do business today. Everyone has their own formula to maneuver through social media, but we found some pretty neat tips to connect with the right people.

Twitter – Retweets and Hashtags


Twitter is a great way to follow like-minded individuals and interact with their content. If you’re in a specific industry, create a list of influencers or individuals you personally admire and spend time interacting with their content. Search for key terms, companies, and people to follow. Engage with them by retweeting or commenting on their content. Look for relevant hashtags and incorporate a few in your tweets. Over time, your feed will automatically populate content that’s relevant to your networking goals and you’ll spend less time searching for potential connections. Pending on your level of comfort, direct message your personal influencer list and introduce yourself. What happens next all depends on you.


Instagram – Hashtags 


First, get your Instagram aesthetic game on. A blank Instagram page doesn’t get any credibility. Especially, when you’re trying to network. Build your page with relevant content that represents your brand and company. It’s okay to post a few pictures in a day to build your profile, but you will need to find a cadence that’s good for your brand. Put hashtags in your captions, follow relevant hashtags, and interact with influencers. Direct messages are another way to secure the deal. Negotiate terms and conditions with influencers or invite customers to your events. Get creative with your IG strategy. 


Facebook – Groups


Groups are an awesome way to interact with potential customers and gain leads  by interacting with the existing followers in each group. Like the other platforms, they contain a search field. Search for keywords and join the group. Spend time posting content, but be relatable and don’t try to sell people. They can come to your company page to see what you’re about, but the idea is to create genuine contacts.


LinkedIn – Connections


LinkedIn is the leading professional network, and it’s obviously a networking site. Stand out by sending personal messages and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want upfront. Again, people don’t like to be solicited, so cut to the chase and be brief. This is the only network where we suggest sending to the point messages, but keep them short. 


Networking is essential to grow your business and build your brand. The great part about networking today is we can literally do it around the clock. We suggest not to limit networking to typical hours of operation but try setting time after dinner or putting the kids to bed. These are usually peak hours and you’re able to get more engagement. We suggest trying different hours for different networks. Play with your connection methods to find your formula and your secret sauce!










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