How to Tweak Your Instagram Aesthetic for Fall but Still Stay on Brand

Instagram FallFall is almost here! Fall is a great time for all kinds of businesses and brands, and it is one of the most popular seasons of the year! Incorporating fall into your Instagram aesthetic, whether you choose a full-on campaign or something smaller, is a great way to join the conversation and engage your audience. 


Adjust Your Lightroom Preset and Instagram Filter

A great Instagram best practice is to stick to one preset or filter that is signature to your brand’s Instagram. With fall being characterized with warm colors you may want to adjust your filters to something warmer. Remember to stay consistent with all uploads for overall brand consistency.

Incorporate Fall Elements into Your Photos

Try adding fall elements to some of your photos, instead of a lone picture of your coffee on your desk try adding a small pumpkin prop in the background to make your photo more relevant! You don’t have to change the kind of content your brand is known for but adding a touch of fall is a great way to make your content more relevant. 

Add a Touch of Fall to Captions

Good captions are important, and also a great way to incorporate a nod to the popular season. Witty captions that are a play on words or that incorporate important parts of the season (like football, pumpkins, sweaters, or thanksgiving) are a great way to connect with followers who are passionate about this time of year. 

Change Highlight covers

You can update highlight cover colors or create a special highlight for the season. This is a great way for your followers to find story content that is relevant and on the theme. 


Tweaking your Instagram content to create an aesthetic that is fall-inspired doesn’t mean you completely ditch your brand, but small tweaks can create a fall feel that your followers will appreciate! 


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