How Do I Determine Who to Connect With on LinkedIn

Hi ____, I’d like to join your LinkedIn network. 


We have all received e-mail notifications like this, but how do you decide if you want to accept this invitation or not? There are many factors to consider when choosing to accept or decline this invitation, but the first thing to consider is how many connections you already have and if this is someone you know or don’t know. When it comes to LinkedIn, it is good to have somewhere between 500 and 5000 connections. However, even though connecting with that many people seems daunting, we will guide you so you can feel confident clicking the accept button.




When you get requests from people you know, then you should definitely connect with them… unless for some reason they aren’t your most favorite person. These people can be family members, friends, and professionals from past jobs, school, etc. Even though it may seem weird to connect with people you are close with on a business networking platform, it is actually one of the best things you can do. 


By connecting with people you know, you get first dibs on their networks. Think about it. If your close colleague has a friend in the industry you are interested in, you have a first-hand connection and advocate to connect you to the person you want to connect with. Most people wouldn’t get that great of a privilege. Additionally, they also know you better than other people, so they can guide you and give you glowing recommendations.




When it comes to people that are unknown, you need to be a little bit more cautious with who you accept and request to connect with. The first people to rule out are the scammers on LinkedIn. However, this should be pretty obvious if you go to their page, and they do not have any legitimate content or information about them. When you see that, RUN, or in this case, click that decline button as fast as you can!!! 


On the other hand, the unknown people you do want to connect with are professionals in your field that have influence and have the position you want. Even if they cannot help you get a job at that particular company, they can potentially give you advice on what they did to get where they are now. 


Another person to target is a person with a lot of connections. With that many connections, it gives you the opportunity to find many potential people in your field and expose yourself.


The last type of person you should connect with are people that may not be in your field but are experts in the fields they are in. The reason for this is if one day you need help with something that is out of your field of knowledge, and this person would be a credible source to help you with your need, and you could potentially help them out with something in the future.


Some experts say that 70 percent of people ended up in their current position thanks to networking. Others say it’s more like 80 percent or even 85 percent.

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