Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest Want to Make Social Media a Safe Space

Sep 2019

Social media is becoming safer for users each and every week. In efforts to improve self-esteem and manage harmful content; hugFacebook, YouTube, and Pinterest are testing new features and announcing new updates and improvements.

Facebook Considers Hiding Users’ Like Count

In July, an Instagram test started hiding the like count on photos. Now, there is word that Facebook may begin testing this as well. According to Jane Wong, an app researcher, this is still unreleased and was found by reverse engineering on the Facebook app. If the reviews of the Instagram update have gone well then it would make sense for Facebook to follow suit given that they own Instagram. Facebook users will still be able to like and interact with the photo but only the creator can see how many likes they have racked up. If this test becomes a new feature, it could create a more comfortable space on Facebook and Instagram because users will be able to post content they like without feeling the need to impress others. 


On YouTube, the R Stands for Responsible 

Over the past few years, YouTube has implemented different policies in order to keep their platform as safe and comfortable as possible. This month YouTube announced its guiding principles of social responsibility that influence changes and updates to the platform. They call these principles the Four Rs of Responsibility: Remove, Raise, Reward, and Reduce. Each month YouTube will focus on a different principle starting with Remove in September. “Remove” is all about removing harmful content as quickly as possible. YouTube stated, “over the last 18 months we’ve reduced views on videos that are later removed for violating our policies by 80%, and we’re continuously working to reduce this number further.” This means that YouTube is becoming even safer for younger audiences.

Pinterest Only Provides the Facts

It’s no secret that social media is a place where false or misleading information can be spread easily. As recently as last month, social media platforms like Instagram have taken a stand against misinformation. Now Pinterest has followed suit by removing the ability to post health-related topics in “efforts to combat health misinformation.” From now on when someone searches for a health-related term they will only see posts from public health organizations. These organizations include the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the WHO-established Vaccine Safety Net. Pinterest has expressed they want to work with more professionals so the information that their users see is accurate. With these new updates, Pinterest is becoming a more reliable source of information on health issues.


About 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. 

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