How to Maximize Company Branding Through LinkedIn Pulse

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Professionals and their company leadership are realizing the value of LinkedIn. From the update feature and company pages to the power of the Pulse, LinkedIn plays an essential role in sharing your blog with industry professionals. Small business owners, corporate CEOs and other professionals are using the Pulse to publish blogs, articles and other meaningful content for their connections to read and share with their connections. We even packaged a how-to guide for those of you who are new to posting on the pulse.

Here’s how to maximize your efforts on LinkedIn Pulse:

Increase visibility

It’s no secret that consistent posting will increase your visibility on LinkedIn. In addition to posting on your company page, strive to post your blogs or articles to the Pulse at least once a week. This will help to get your message in front of people who know you but might not have visited your website lately. Posting in the Pulse can also put your blogs in front of industry leaders and potential customers. This visibility has the potential to cultivate credibility among colleagues and generate prospective leads.

Demonstrate your thought leadership

The Pulse provides a unique platform for you to share your insights and knowledge with other industry professionals. Blogs are a great way to regularly connect with your customers, but they can also highlight your expertise and help establish credibility within your industry. As you continue to build credibility with your connections on LinkedIn, you will inspire them to replicate and scale ideas into sustainable change not just in their own company but also in a niche or across an entire industry.

Engage with your network

Use a call to action on your posts to encourage your connections to like, share and comment on your posts. For example, if you post an insightful quote that relates to your industry and prompts your connections to like the post if they agree or share their favorite quotes. To build loyalty and continue the conversation, it’s important to comment on the posts of your connections. If a colleague wins an esteemed award, take the opportunity to like and comment on their LinkedIn post. Not only will this enhance engagement, but it also has the potential to increase your network of connections.

Grow your network

To grow an engaged following, it’s important to lead with quality content. Post a variety of content regularly such as insightful articles, company news, and more. For every post promoting your company, it’s best to craft four additional posts that showcase thought leadership and industry trends. Vibrant posts that include photos and videos often dramatically increase comments and shares, which put you in front of even more potential connections.


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