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Jan 2017

Facebook is giving longer videos a boost in a move to emphasize native, integrated, and live video across the platform. Meanwhile, Twitter is adding a new “Explore’” tab which will emphasize live video and trending news stories, and LinkedIn is delivering its biggest website redesign since its debut nearly 15 years ago. These are the latest trending social media stories you need to know!

Twitter To Debut “Explore” Tab

 Twitter is making big moves with its latest feature, “Explore.”

The new update, which the platform will soon make available, will make it easier to discover what is trending across the platform via Moments, search, and live video.

Taking a cue from rival companies Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter’s latest feature will give emphasis to live video. The “explore” feature will prioritize live streaming via Periscope over curated tweets and content.

Twitter’s latest move comes after multiple changes within the platform to give users a better video experience, such as live streaming of major sporting events.

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s latest move?

LinkedIn Gets A Major Face Lift

 After almost 15 years, LinkedIn has just given its website both a back and front end overhaul.

The new update’s main focus is to reduce clutter and emphasize communication and conversation within users’ timeline.

The platform is also making major strides to give users more options and control over the content that they see such as the ability to hide and unfollow posts, as well as integrating messaging options from anywhere on the site.

The professional networking giant also recently rolled out an update to its analytics, giving users a closer look at everything from engagement to audience demographics.

 Facebook’ Favors Longer Videos

 Publishers, if you have yet to take advantage of live video-streaming trend, there is no better time than now!

Facebook is one step closer to live video domination with its latest algorithm update that favors longer video, a move that will place videos of longer length on a higher priority level in users’ newsfeeds over videos with shorter view times.

The social giant revealed the news in a company post this week. In regards to how this may impact content, the platform suggested that publishers continue to deliver “original” and “compelling” content that tells a story in regards to video at whatever length they deem necessary.

How are you utilizing live video on social media for your content?

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