Growing Your LinkedIn Company Page

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LinkedIn is an incredible networking tool for businesses. With a community of professionals at your fingertips, LinkedIn Company Pages provide the opportunity to target the right people to build a community of brand advocates and ultimately grow your business. And the more people who know about your brand, the more business you can drive. So how does a business develop a loyal following and successfully grow a Company Page? It needs to be a team effort!

Your employees are a critical resource when trying to build a following and expand the reach of your Company Page.

Start by encouraging employees to add your company to their personal LinkedIn profiles. This will display your company logo on their profile that clicks through to your Company Page. Doing so will also automatically make them a follower of your page, so any content shared by the company will now appear in employees’ personal LinkedIn newsfeeds – making it easy for them to like, comment, and share your company updates.

Make sure your employees understand the importance of interacting with your company’s content and encourage them to like, share, and comment on these updates. When an employee interacts with a company post, that post is then shown to that employee’s audience network thus expanding your Company Page’s reach. The more LinkedIn users you reach, the easier it is to gain new followers.

There are also some things your employees can do on their own to expand your Company Page’s reach. Anytime they post to their personal LinkedIn account about your company, remind them to tag your Page, so it’s easy for users to click directly through. Encourage them to share company blog articles to the Pulse or within Groups for even more exposure. You can also show your employees how to include a link to your company page in their email signature. The better informed your employees are about the importance of working together, the more successful your company page will be.

Remember: quality content is key. As with any social network, quality content is truly the foundation of your LinkedIn presence. If your content isn’t interesting or informative, it will be difficult to gain a loyal following, no matter how many employees continue to share it!


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