How To Publish Your Articles On LinkedIn

Source: @birdcage0
Source: @birdcage0


LinkedIn is a great platform for many things: showing off your business, displaying your skills, building credibility, connecting with other professionals, and sharing your knowledge. LinkedIn offers you the ability to publish your own articles on the platform. This is a vital part of using LinkedIn that many professionals neglect. Here are some simple tips to consider when publishing an article on the world’s largest professional networking platform.

Develop Your Message Before Drafting

What will your article be about? Is your goal to share your expertise? Or perhaps you want to share about your company. You could even form your article around engaging professionals in your industry. Whatever your message is, make sure it is clear. Write with an end goal in mind.

Carefully Consider The Article’s Elements

A headline is the grabber! Choose a compelling headline for your article. It is important to note that your headline and the image of your article are what people notice first. Your headline gives people a reason to click on your article to read more. If you’re having trouble crafting a headline, ask yourself what would make you click on your article?

Next, pick an image that relates to your article. Will a photo or a graphic catch the eyes of your readers? Also, create synergy between your headline and graphic so that the two together give a powerful and compelling look into what article’s topic.

Write in the body of your article everything you want to share with those on LinkedIn. If you have questions and want others’ input, say that. It is important to focus on the flow of your writing and like any professional article, make sure it is knowledgeable and complete.

Bring Your Message To Life With Media

LinkedIn recently updated its publishing platform so that you can add additional multimedia. Click on the “Add multimedia” button and add anything from images and video to slides and links. Space your media throughout your article. This will make a great addition and give your readers even more valuable information.

If you’re still learning how to master LinkedIn, check out these mistakes to avoid when establishing a successful LinkedIn page.









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