Don’t Scare your Audience Away: Social Media Best Practices for Business

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We all love Halloween, a time of fun, laughs, and spontaneity. But when it comes to your brand, save the frivolity and unpredictable nature of your behavior for your friends at costume parties and haunted houses. When you have a brand voice, you don’t want to let your guard down. There is a strong possibility that you might scare your audience away with inconsistent posts, politically-charged topics, and other off-brand messaging that can alienate your audience. We love the scary stuff as much as the next person, but let’s leave it to Stephen King, shall we? Here are a few ways to avoid scaring away your audience on social media.


Avoid Getting Too Political

Chances are, you are sick and tired of all of the political mudslinging happening on your personal social media feeds. If you don’t like it, your audience most likely isn’t a fan either. Try to stay away from posting any content that could be considered overly political or partisan. There is a time and a place to get into a heated political argument, your business’ social media platforms are definitely not that place. Instead, consider who your audience is and be respectful of all sides of the political spectrum. This will avoid having to put out fires or pushing potential clients or customers away.

Don’t Interact Like a Robot

A robot makes for a fun costume, but it isn’t popular with the social media audience. Interaction is the key element of a successful social media presence. People will listen, but they want to be heard. Robotic posts just create noise. The benefits of actively being on the channels include building the brand, answering questions, or getting free feedback! Automated messaging and responses are scary. People want to know someone will respond to their question, comment, or concern.


Update your Content Based on Audience Engagement

Pay attention to what your audience likes and ignores. Always research your audience’s behavior. Use this knowledge to your advantage when creating content. If you’re paying attention to what other industry leaders are doing to get high engagement numbers, you should have a good idea of what your audience wants to see. If you’re not getting the comments, likes or reactions you’d, it’s time to analyze and then update your strategy.


Have a Consistent Voice

If your business is built on peace and love, you shouldn’t be posting and interacting like a WWE wrestler. Avoid cursing or using ALL CAPS IN YOUR POSTS if you want to create an online persona that is cool, calm, and collected. This relates directly back to your interactions as well. Don’t surprise your audience by being brash and direct in your interactions if your social posts have a softer tone.

Pick a consistent online voice and welcome your audience into the conversation. Avoid pushing them away with erratic or upsetting content.

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