Your Brand’s Story Matters: How To Create A Cohesive Message

How To Create A Cohesive MessageSome books have the power to bring us into a completely different world. They can make us feel happy, sad, frightened, or angered for hours on end without us even realizing it. But if you step back and think about it, what’s at the heart of those that give us such an immersive experience? A cohesive and intriguing flow of visuals and writing. In this sense, a brand is no different than reading materials. It’s a story that’s told through aesthetics, good writing, and a unified vision. Here are a few things to think about when you’re creating your brand:



Consistent Aesthetic


This is ultimately the foundation of your brand. Everything you create, write, and market stem from a consistent aesthetic. Having a good aesthetic will give your entire brand a unified feel. Your goal should be for your customers to have a seamless experience. You want them to be able to transition from your social media channels to your website and feel like they’ve never stopped interacting with your brand.


When you’re mapping out how you want to convey your business to the world, take everything into account; from color scheme and fonts to photo filters and vibe. Then take all of the marketing platforms you’ll be using and immerse them in every detail you’ve decided on. This cohesiveness will not only solidify your brand, but it will also create a clear vision for both you and your audience.


Brand Voice


What you write and how you write it is directly correlated to your brand voice. Whether you’re starting your business or need to change directions, take a moment to think about the essence of your brand and how you would convey it in writing. For example, if you’re a local surfboard shaping company that’s friendly, relaxed, and all about the surf culture then the voice you would use on social media should reflect that. You’d probably use surf lingo and would always want to use a positive tone. In contrast, if you’re a motorcycle business that has a rugged vibe then you’re probably going to use a rougher tone with an adventurous vibe.


Your brand’s story is the soul of your business. It’s what reaches out to your audience and captivates them. Take the time to bring that soul to life.

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  1. Jarvee

    Your brand story goes beyond what is written in your posts. You have to create unique brand identity in order for people to recognize you. Whatever your company does is incorporated in this. However first thing that people remember is your brand’s visual identity. Make sure that your visuals tell at least half of the story.

    Love these insights Ansley, simple and straightforward. Thanks for sharing!