Improve your Social Media Content in 3 Easy Steps

Improve your Social Media Content in 3 Easy StepsThe content you create for your social media channels is your bread and butter. If your reach, engagement or fans are slowly shrinking, you need to up your content game. Consistency is always key, but there is more to social posting than just sticking to a schedule. Strap on your story-telling boots and let’s get that content value up. Here are three easy and simple steps to improving your social media content.


Step 1: Create your Style (brand) and Stick to it

In high school, it was cool when everyone looked and dressed alike. Those days are long gone for many reasons. To engage with your audience on social media, you have to create your original style and brand. If you don’t yet know what your voice is, go back to basics. What are your values and what is your brand mission? From there you can find your voice. If you’re the kind of company that values clean lines and neutral tones, stick to those and make them work for you! Don’t try to be something you’re not.


Step 2: Stand out From the Crowd

Any good strategy involves a bit of good research. The key here is to go above and beyond what your industry is doing. Start by asking yourself what about your brand makes you stand out from the others? What do you offer your audience that others do not? If you can’t think of anything offhand, change your strategy up to allow for an extra incentive for your audience to choose you over the others. Unless you’re a big bad brand like Nike, with a celebrity back, you have to offer your customers something that will keep them coming back to you.


Step 3: Tell your Audience a Story

On social, your content becomes your story. Everything you post should relate back to the story of your brand. If it isn’t relevant to the story you want to portray to your audience, don’t post it. As we all know, a good story starts with good context and a protagonist you want to root for. (that’s your brand) How do you compel your audience and why are they sticking around to hear what you have to tell them? Be a resource, offer them something and tell them who you are.


Social media is constantly changing; it’s up to you to keep up. For tips on keeping up with the social media world, follow us on Facebook.

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