Create Your Campaign on the Go with Pinterest

Worried you have no time for advertising? What about keeping your Twitter and LinkedIn pages up to date and looking the way you want it? Well, this week your favorite social media platforms are rolling out new updates to do just that!


Strengthen Your Credibility with LinkedIn’s New Skills Assessment

LinkedIn is testing a new feature, Skills Assessment, to help users measure their strengths. This new tool is a 15-20 question quiz located under the Skills and Endorsements section of your LinkedIn profile. Users who score a 70 or above will receive a badge for that skill. Seems easy enough, right? Think again, the skills quiz is timed, and must be taken in one session so, no cheating! Don’t worry though, your connections won’t see your score unless you allow it. This tool is still being tested, and there are a limited number of skills with associated quizzes but LinkedIn is working on rolling out more soon. It is always smart to keep your LinkedIn profile credible with regularly updated endorsements or skills. This makes recruiting and identifying talent easier! Be on the lookout for the skills quiz and maybe you will learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.


Personalize Your Twitter Profile

Twitter’s new update allows users to view their profile the way they want! Most users are already familiar with Dark Mode, but now Twitter has taken personalization a step further. Now you can switch between Default, Dim, and Lights Out mode. Along with this, you can change the text size and choose from 6 different colors to customize your profiles. It is necessary for users to feel comfortable and personally engaged when using social media, so personalization updates like these benefit the overall user experience.


Build Your Pinterest Campaign from Anywhere

If you’re a business owner, you know timeliness is an important factor when creating social media ad campaigns. This can get tough when you have a busy schedule or not enough help. Luckily, platforms are making it easier and easier every day! With Pinterest’s newest update, you can now create advertisements from your mobile device. It takes only four simple steps: Choose a pin from your business profile, select an automated or custom target option, pick your duration and then set a daily budget. It’s as easy as that!


Did you know Pinterest has 291 million active users each month?

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