Why it’s a Bright Idea to Attend Social Media Bootcamps

Aug 2019

Here at KWSM: a digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on being digital marketing experts, but nothing excites us more than helping businesses succeed on social media.

The KWSM Atlanta team just hosted their LinkedIn Bootcamp packed with marketing tips and tricks! It was a great success and extremely insightful.

This prompted me to ask the question why don’t more people attend social media bootcamps?

 Here’s why attending a social media bootcamp is such a bright idea.

Hands-On Experience

Digital marketing is forever changing, and these changes can be intimidating. We think learning a new skill is easier when it’s in a fun and more engaging environment. Bootcamps are designed to provide hands-on experience and guidance through the proper protocols and best practices for social media. You can bring your laptop and immediately apply what you’ve learned to your personal and business social media channels. You can also ask questions and get answers immediately from a true social media guru. 

KWSM has a special piece of collateral for attendees that no other bootcamp can offer, access to our special Facebook group. Benefits include access to informational slides, social media helpdesk, the KWSM team forum, and so much more!

Understanding and Navigating the Social Media Environment in Person

Social media updates are happening all the time. While writing this blog, I learned about a new update on Pinterest from my coworker. That’s crazy because these changes are happening while I type! 

Each Bootcamp is a crash course on a specific social media subject. In a matter of hours, each attendee will learn about the tools and resources needed to make their social media marketing more efficient and successful. At Pinterest Bootcamp, for example,  you would learn how to effectively and efficiently set up a campaign on the go from start to finish. It’s one thing to read about the newest updates and it’s another thing to learn directly from a subject matter expert. 

During our bootcamps, we speak about real-time updates and how to apply them to your social media. LinkedIn, for instance, encourages a 100% complete profile for optimal usage of their platform.  Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to do this? If set up correctly, this would yield quality connections, leads, and ultimately more business. If set up incorrectly, however, your reach and overall networking potential could be extremely limited. 

The lingo, user interface, and performance analytics are changing all of the time. That’s why it’s important to attend these in-person bootcamps to go through trial and error with marketing gurus by your side to optimize your channels. There are no dumb questions in these environments, and everyone is learning just like you!

Professional Network Connections

Traditionally, bootcamps are smaller than conferences and seminars. It’s easier to interact with other attendees and exchange stories and challenges. These interactions will also increase your professional network and provide valuable insight from other professionals interested in maximizing their marketing potential. This in-person connection could lead to your next referral or new client. LinkedIn was the focus of our last bootcamp and many participants walked away with valuable new connections made in-person. 

In summary, we all want our jobs to be easier and more efficient. These bootcamps are designed to do just that, make you a marketing guru in a short period of time! Didn’t have a chance to attend the bootcamp? No worries! You can learn about the newest tips and tricks from the comfort of your own home. We would love to see you at the next bootcamp! Follow us on our social media channel for updates.


Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

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